What is a High-Risk Payments Processing Solutions?

Are you labeled as a high-risk merchant without your knowledge? A revelation you discovered later after application and rejection by the merchant account provider. The majority of merchants make this blunder as e-commerce nowadays is ever-changing and merchants accumulate more chargeback; meaning the risk gets higher.

Below are common characteristics that make a merchant high risk:

  • Amount of Chargebacks
  • Average credit card transaction of $500 and higher
  • Credit history (Bad, Imperfect, and bankruptcy history)
  • Country of origin of the business known for high levels of fraud
  • More than $20,000 monthly sales volume
  • High employee turnover
  • High volume business (nutraceutical products) and transactions
  • High cost (ex: timeshares or airline tickets)
  • High number of refunds and returns
  • Industry with high rates of chargeback, returns, and frauds
  • Length of years in Business
  • Merchant with a terminated merchant account by a bank
  • New business concept with less room for growth
  • Number of years in business
  • Personal Credit History
  • Profitability of the Company or business
  • Startup business with little to no credit card processing history
  • Services or Products are Subscription based (Magazines, Online Dating)
  • Services related to safety and health concerns

Listed below are common high-risk industries that we cater (but are not limited to):

  •  Gaming
  •  Forex
  •  Cryptocurrency
  •  Tribal and State Licensed Short Term Lenders
  •  Collection Agencies
  •  Direct Marketing/MLM
  •  eCig/Vape (non-CBD) E-commerce
  •  Online Pharmacies
  •  Firearms
  •  Document Preparation
  •  Credit Repair

What is a merchant account for high-risk business?

High risk merchant accounts are a subgroup of services that allow businesses to process credit card payments from customers. Most high-risk merchants have limited choices in processors, higher fees, and stricter contracts.

There is still a good side to this especially when you find a reliable high-risk payment processor. Here are some of the benefits when you partner with the right merchant account processor:

  • Flexible credit acceptance payment online options
  • Offers fewer limitations on Recurring Payments
  • Higher volume processing
  • Wide and Varied trade of products and services
  • Global expansion
  • High Chargeback Protection
  • Increased Profits
  •  CBD
  •  Bitcoin
  •  Coaching / Training
  •  Auto Financing
  •  Travel
  •  Prepaid Phone Cards
  •  Software Downloads
  •  Domain Registration
  •  Any Legal Business Anywhere in the world.

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