Here at GoodFellas Payment Services, we offer solutions that are fit for every merchant. Depending on your industry and what you need, we will give the best service to help you reach your business goals and potential. If you think Cash Discount is good for you and are ready to take the next step, talk to us.

Getting discouraged with the outrageous fees to accept credit cards? Did you know that the Durbin Amendment allows you to pass those fees to the customer? Cash Discounting occurs when an establishment offers a discount to customers who pay by cash instead of credit cards. There’s a small convenience fee that is added to the transaction to the customers who pay the advertised price through credit cards. With this program, the convenience fee collected from the customer covers ALL the business' monthly processing costs and this will lead to businesses to have zero processing fees. With our program, you can save so much. With your savings, you can focus more on improving your business: invest in infrastructure, hire more people, buy better equipment, and a lot more.

Reduce Processing Fees with Cash Discount

Is Cash Discount for my business?

The Cash Discount Program is not a one-size-fits-all service. You have to consider factors in deciding if this service could benefit your business. Cash discount works for you if you prefer more cash payments over credit if your customers are used to cash discounts already if your business relies on holiday visitors since they don't mind the extra charge and if your services are compulsory to your customers. You could look into other more factors, but the ones earlier are a good start.

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